NFL Rookie Suffers Uncomfortable, Off-Field Loss Because Employees Were Unaware of Him

NFL punt returner Britain Covey is two games into his rookie season with the Philadelphia Eagles. However, his ties to the team haven’t been solidified enough to get him noticed by Philly parking attendants. Scheduled to join his team during a game against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday, Covey was supposed to park his car … Read more

The Most Important Fact About “Massive Idiots,” According To George Clooney

Screen icon George Clooney said he was given a crucial piece of insight into how idiots think ― and it’s helped to explain a lot about the ones who go into politics. In comments spotted by digg, Clooney recalled filming the 2000 classic comedy “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” with Joel and Ethan Coen. “I … Read more