England v USA: World Cup 2022 – live

Key events

70 min: Grealish dances in from the left, inviting a tackle that doesn’t come. He eventually runs out of road just inside the box, but that got the English blood pumping for the first time in a while.

69 min: Kane and Saka try to unlock the US down the inside-right channel, but Musah slams the door shut and clears.

68 min: England make a double change. Sterling and Bellingham off, Grealish and Henderson on.

66 min: England are doing very little by way of response to this US pressure. “A game of this magnitude, you’d think England would have played Kane and Sterling.” Paul Pooley, ladies and gentlemen, he’s here all week. Try the machbūs.

Fear not: Rainbow Paddington Bear is in attendance
Photograph: Matthew Ashton/AMA/Getty Images

64 min: Wright wins yet another US corner down the left, off Stones. Pulisic takes, and curls long. For a second, it looks as though the ball’s going to fly over his head and into the top right, but Pickford of Bradford fingertips out for a corner on the right this time. Zimmerman was tearing in, too, so that’s a doubly crucial intervention. Nothing comes of the next corner.

63 min: The USA continue to dominate. Their fans are giving it plenty. On the touchline, Gareth Southgate has the good grace to look concerned.

61 min: Robinson strides down the left and wins another US corner. That one leads to another, and from that one, Pulisic is found in a bit of space just inside the England box on the left. He should take a shot, but over-elaborates, dropping a shoulder to beat Shaw, who refuses to give way. England finally clear their lines.

59 min: Pulisic cuts in from the left and is allowed to pass four men too easily. His shot is deflected wide left. Bradford City’s Jordan Pickford gives his defenders the what-for. The resulting corner is headed clear by Maguire, under pressure from Zimmerman.

Fourth Official, Yoshimi Yamashita on the touchline.
Fourth Official, Yoshimi Yamashita on the touchline. Photograph: Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

57 min: Weah cuts back from an advanced position on the right, nearly finding the in-rushing Musah. Bellingham reads the danger and intercepts just before the US midfielder can shoot. “Please note Guardian house style,” begins Matt Tempest, formerly of this parish and therefore well schooled in finger-wagging. “At all times, England’s keeper must be referred to as ‘Bradford City’s Jordan Pickford’, on account of him playing a season at Valley Parade, on loan from Sunderland, in 2014-15. One game of which I saw. It’s not often you see a future England star at Valley Parade.”

55 min: Play restarts. Weah all good. Meanwhile here’s some more pessimism from over the briny, courtesy of Peter Donley: “I feel like the US team is being toyed with by the dominant English side. I’ve seen more compassion with my family cat playing with a caught mouse.”

54 min: Play stops for a moment as Weah gets some treatment, his foot having been accidentally stepped on by Shaw.

53 min: A chance for Mount to scamper into space down the middle. He miscontrols and allows the ball to sail through to Turner, who drops a shoulder to see off Sterling before passing clear.

51 min: Pulisic tears at pace down the left and has a chance of sending Musah free down the touchline, but his pass is no good. The USA have picked up where they left off. More of the same. England need to wake up quicksmart.

49 min: Space for Pulisic down the left. He lays off to Wright, whose shot is blocked by Stones. The ball breaks to McKennie, who blazes wildly over the bar. More composure and Pickford would have had some work to get on with.

48 min: A slow start to the second half. No obvious upsurge in England energy.

46 min: Meanwhile back home down Wembley Way, the FA have made their own One Love gesture.

The Wembley arch in rainbow colours tonight.
The Wembley arch in rainbow colours tonight. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA

The USMNT get the second half underway. No changes made by either side during the break.

Half-time Postbag O’Pessimism. US supporter Liisa Sletzinger writes: “Proclamations that USMNT are dominating right now feel grossly overstated. We seem to be trying our hardest (and still can’t shoot for crap) and England are yet to unleash.”

England fan John Davis adds: “The best thing about that half of football was finding out my local is doing two-pinters of Ghost Ship for £4.40. This carries on and Wales can knock us out in Tuesday.”

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HALF TIME: England 0-0 USA

The whistle goes after an extremely old-school period of added time: just one minute. The USA have been the better side. England head in to receive some tactical advice / a good classical rollocking.

Stalemate: Both team has great chances to take the lead.
Stalemate: Both team has great chances to take the lead. Photograph: Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters

45 min +1: Shaw rolls a pass in from the left for Sterling, who immediately flicks it down the channel for Mount. A first-time shot is fizzed towards the bottom left. Turner turns it around the post, then claims the resulting corner.

Mason Mount takes a shot but no joy
Mason Mount takes a shot but no joy Photograph: Neil Hall/EPA

45 min: A bit of space down the right for Bellingham to sashay into. His long cross is hacked clear. Shaw picks up possession and comes down the left. He reaches the byline and cuts back for Saka, who improvises a flick that sails over the bar. Half a chance, that.

44 min: Shaw looks for Kane with a long diagonal from the left flank. Turner – confidence restored, those first-minute wobbles an awfully long time ago – comes out to claim without fuss.

43 min: Dest whips in from the right. Pulisic heads harmlessly wide left. Pickford shepherds the ball out for a goal kick. England could do with hearing the half-time whistle.

42 min: Dest tears clear on the overlap down the right. He drops a shoulder to cut into the box and looks for the top left. His shot deflects out off Maguire, who stuck to his task well. Maguire hoicks Pulisic’s corner clear.

40 min: Space for Wright down the right. His cross is too long and high for Pulisic, who was in a bit of space in the middle. For what it’s worth – and what it’s worth is 0p (0¢) – the USA are winning this on points.

39 min: McKennie throws long into the England box from the right. Wright spins and attempts to take on Maguire near the byline. He can’t get past but Maguire is forced to poke out for a corner. Nothing comes of the set piece, but the USA have the upper hand now.

38 min: The US look determined to catch England cold on the turn. McKennie takes a super-quick throw down the right wing and nearly releases Weah. A simple gambit, but it nearly works. England are being asked a few questions here.

36 min: Shaw crosses in low from the left. Bellingham tries to flick cutely goalwards but can’t connect. Turner eventually takes control and hoofs long towards Pulisic down the left, who is only just beaten to the ball by Stones, racing across from the middle. A crucial intervention by Stones. Without it, Pulisic was free and England were in all sorts of bother.

34 min: Maguire on the left wing again. This time he can’t control, the ball clanking off his shin. Inner Garrincha all gone away!

33 min: McKennie makes good down the right. Musah shuttles the ball left to Pulisic, who drops a shoulder to make time and space before sending a rising shot towards the top-left corner. It beats Pickford but crashes off the bar and out for a goal kick. The USA are gaining in confidence all right!

Wallop: thwarted by the crossbar
Wallop: thwarted by the crossbar Photograph: Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters
Crash: USA’s forward #10 Christian Pulisic (C bottom) hits the crossbar
Crash: USA’s forward #10 Christian Pulisic (C bottom) hits the crossbar Photograph: Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images

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