Pakistan v England: second Test, day three – live

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50th over: England 202-5 (Brook 74, Stokes 19) Abrar is quicker and flatter to start. He’s pushing Stokes on the back foot until a flighted ball is met with a meaty reverse sweep that spins away for a couple towards the off side. A nudged cut gets the England skipper a single before Brook bunts his first delivery of the day for no run.

Right, here we go… Abrar has the ball in his hand. Stokes to face up first.

The glasses are back! I repeat. The GLASSES ARE BACK!

Stuart Broad looks like he’s auditioning for the role of Paul Dano’s stunt double in There Will Be Blood.

“Hi. I’m following from Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand, where it’s warm but raining on and off. Is there a link for TMS for overseas listeners this time?”

Hi Susanna. Great to hear from you. Unfortunately I’m at a loss. I’ll do my best to find out. If there are any readers out there who can help please do.

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And while we’re brewing that coffee and making some toast, why not sink your teeth into Ali Martin’s report from Day 2:


Daniel Gallan

Good morning all. Or good afternoon if you’re joining from somewhere that isn’t cold, dark and frosty England. It’s great to be with you as I wipe the sleep from my eyes on the morning after the night before.

Is it wrong to mention the football? Let’s get it out of the way shall we? There, I mentioned it. Enough of that (I’ll do my best not to do it again).

At least there’s one sport where the Three Lions are roaring proudly. England begin the third day of this second Test in Pakistan in firm control. 281 runs ahead and in the driver’s seat as they hurtle towards a series claiming victory.

Harry Brook is not out on 74 and Ben stokes is on 16 with England 202-5. The magical debutant, who already has 10 for the match, Abrar Ahmed has 3-81 in this dig.

What’s a good score here? Well thankfully they don’t bat half slow, these English batters. So they won’t be thinking if declarations just yet.

I’m off to knock together a much needed coffee. Speak in a bit.

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