‘Surviving is a matter of luck’: Ukrainians living under fire in Kherson – video

Kherson was liberated by Ukrainian troops in November, when Russian forces evacuated across the Dnipro river. Since then, the residents of Kherson have been living under daily shelling by Russian troops. Luke Harding and Christopher Cherry report from Kherson as Ukraine braces itself for an anticipated spring offensive

Could western tanks be decisive in Ukraine? – podcast

Volodymyr Zelenskiy made an unannounced visit to London this week to rally support behind Ukraine before what is expected to be a major escalation in fighting in the coming weeks. He called on Britain to supply his forces with fighter jets to help defeat the Russian invasion. But while Rishi Sunak was non-committal on planes, … Read more

Haiti: a country in crisis without an elected government – podcast

As of the start of this year, Haiti has not a single elected official in its government and no plans to hold elections. Meanwhile, gangs are running amok, police officers are either ineffective or part of the problem and the army is almost non-existent. Haiti now faces a humanitarian catastrophe on top of its government’s … Read more

How Putin’s chef became the second-most powerful man in Russia – podcast

When Russia’s troops rolled into Ukraine last February it was with the strategy of quickly overthrowing the government in Kyiv and installing one more friendly to Vladimir Putin. It was, said the Russian president, a ‘special military operation’. But the operation failed and ever since more and more troops have been needed as the war … Read more

What was behind Jacinda-mania – and why did it end so suddenly? – podcast

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s outgoing prime minister, has said leading the country was “the greatest privilege of my life”. She leaves office today having led New Zealand through its response to the worst terrorist attack in its history and the Covid pandemic. As the Guardian’s Tess McClure in Auckland tells Michael Safi, global adulation for … Read more

Plastic pirouettes: Japan’s recycled bottle ballet – in pictures

Plastic, a production by Japanese company K-Ballet, draws attention to a global pollution crisis with its unusual set and wardrobe design. Resembling space-age creatures with PET bottles strapped to their bodies, dancers including US guest star Julian MacKay move through a shifting plastic labyrinth

Biden, Trump and the classified documents – podcast

American presidents face many era-defining challenges: wars, pandemics, recessions. But one that gets less attention seems to keep haunting them: paperwork. Last November, at Joe Biden’s thinktank in Washington DC, aides to the US president were packing up and they found something that shouldn’t have been there: a stash of classified documents. As David Smith … Read more

Putin’s ‘ambitions will not be realised’ in Ukraine, says James Cleverly – video

The foreign secretary has justified the supply of Challenger tanks to Ukraine, saying it was designed to bring the war to a quick conclusion and there was a moral imperative to end the war soon due to the casualties and cost. ‘We will not let [Putin] realise his ambitions and this is why I keep repeating this. … Read more

China’s deadly coronavirus wave – podcast

In early December with protests growing and coronavirus spreading, China abruptly abandoned its zero-Covid policy, in effect letting the virus run through its population of 1.4 billion people. As Tania Branigan tells Michael Safi the effects have been extraordinary: in a country not well vaccinated and with limited numbers of ICU beds, especially away from … Read more