US Senate works to pass spending bill to avert government shutdown – live

Good morning politics blog readers. The early order of business in the Senate today is finding a way to keep the government funded, if only for a week.

Senators will take up the one-week spending bill passed by the House on Wednesday, a short-term fix that, if also passed in the upper chamber, would avert a shutdown and keep the government machine ticking until 23 December.

It would also give Democratic majority leader Chuck Schumer breathing space to work on a $1.7tn fiscal year package, but Republicans are not happy about it. A clearer picture could emerge today.

Here’s what else we’re watching:

  • Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to give one of her final press conferences as House speaker at 10.45am.

  • Joe Biden is meeting African Union leaders in Washington DC to discuss US political and business ties with the continent. It’s unclear if he will talk to the press.

  • The House convenes shortly to discuss collective bargaining rights to Veterans’ Association health care workers. Statehood for Puerto Rico is also up for discussion.

  • Survivors of mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas; and Newtown, Connecticut will testify at a morning hearing of the House subcommittee on crime, terrorism and homeland security.

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