Which fellow dystopian taught George Orwell at Eton? The Saturday quiz

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The questions

1 Which US president won the Nobel peace prize and the Medal of Honor?
2 What peaked at $68,789 in November 2021?
3 Which fellow dystopian taught George Orwell at Eton?
4 What is the national fruit of Jamaica?
5 Five-year-old Margaret Theresa is the main figure in which group portrait?
6 What is now officially Yr Wyddfa?
7 Which Islay whisky advertised its taste as “burning hospital”?
8 Who contested the 1972 World Chess Championship?
What links
9 African ground squirrel; Mexican hairless dog; translucent fish; Sabine’s gull?
10 Henry I; John; James II; William IV; George VI?
11 The 400 Blows; Amarcord; Radio Days; The Souvenir; The Fabelmans?
12 Australia (12); Great Britain (3); New Zealand (1)?
13 Longbridge; Cowley; Dagenham; Halewood; Luton?
14 Photo; flags; feather; hammer; golf balls; human waste?
15 Red; Leon; Mina; Lucy Barton?

A Mexican hairless dog. Photograph: TaynaPanova/Getty Images/iStockphoto

The answers

1 Theodore Roosevelt (Medal of Honor posthumously).
2 Bitcoin value.
3 Aldous Huxley.
4 Ackee.
5 Las Meninas by Velázquez.
6 (Mount) Snowdon.
7 Laphroaig.
8 Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky.
9 Animals beginning with X: xerus; xolo; x-ray tetra; xeme.
10 Monarchs who succeeded their brother.
11 Autobiographical/semi-autobiographical films about directors’ youth: François Truffaut; Federico Fellini; Woody Allen; Joanna Hogg; Steven Spielberg.
12 Wins in the rugby league world cup (men’s).
13 Centres of UK car manufacturing.
14 Items left on the moon.
15 My Name Is … novels: Orhan Pamuk; Kit de Waal; David Almond; Elizabeth Strout.

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